2021 ~ Happy New Year!

Crossing my fingers it will be Happy! We, as a human race certainly have been tested in 2020 – looking forward to when we can celebrate our favorite sports teams, our children go back to class, we can hug our friends without a mask and sit down inside a restaurant. Remember those days? 2021 for… Continue reading 2021 ~ Happy New Year!

Remain calm…

Walk, don’t run. Relax, remain calm. Read a book, sew, keep your mind busy and chill. And, for heaven’s sake – leave some TP for the rest of us!

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Kansas 1935

Back in 2009, I began to write my Hollinger Series. During the writing process, I stumbled upon a real event that happened in Dodge City, Kansas, 1935. Named, “The Black Blizzard” or “Black Sunday”, a dust storm fell over the city which caused dense visibility (1000 feet or less) for 14 days. This is a… Continue reading Kansas 1935

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