Meet Me on Social Media

By Savannah Kole

Bella Martin has a huge following on social media. She’s a normal girl, with daily problems who loves to make fun of herself in front of millions of followers.

Julian Keyes is the heir to a Fortune 500 company. His parents have waited long enough for him to marry and threaten him that they will pass his inheritance down to his lowly cousin if he doesn’t find himself a wife.

Out of annoyance, Julian shows his father a picture of Bella—the famous influencer—and claims that she’s his lover.

What happens next when Julian now needs to find Bella to get her to act like his girlfriend to save the ruse? He's ready to pay her any amount, she’s a sassy woman who is up for the deal. But will this fake contract relationship turn into something more?

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Taunt Me

Taunt Me

By Savannah Kole

Jason Ryan just resumed work as the CEO of his late father’s company after his old man got killed by a drunk black man. Under strict instruction from his father’s will to work with the carefully selected employees on the team or stand being replaced, Jason feels he got the bad end of the deal especially when he has to deal with his infuriating black secretary.

Devoted secretary, Kyra Aston is nothing short of a perfectionist. Unfortunately, due to the death of her former boss, her path collides with that of his son who is a hard worker but hates black people. Working with him is a nightmare and she wants so much to leave.

Jason has it bad. Seeing Kyra for the first time stirred up something in him. At first, he thought it was hatred, but when he discovers his feelings are close to the opposite, he is already far into her.

Soon, the shots they take at each other starts building a fire of sexual tension and Jason, knowing getting into a relationship with Kyra would affect his peace of mind and probably the business, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

Their relationship soon becomes one built on lust and hatred for one another. Will Kyra fall in love with her racist boss and will Jason be able to look past her skin color?

The Butterfly

When Vanessa Baker asks some random guy for his watch at a bar during a dare, she had no idea what the consequences might be. On her first day at a new job she bumps into the CEO intending on accepting her punishment.

Jackson Farrell didn’t know what hit him! Out of the blue some unknown female asks him for his fifty-thousand dollar watch? And he just hands it over? Little does she know she’s exactly his type!

Find out what happens when an alpha male meets his sexual muse.

An Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

Pop Fly Kiss

By Savannah Kole

Cocky, Jared Sumner was just about to be called up to the majors. Playing for the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A ball team for the St. Louis Cardinals, Jared had no desire to have a girlfriend. Baseball was his life until he meets a tenacious groupie.

Penny Lawton was obsessed with the Redbirds. Her and her girlfriends would attend all the games hoping to catch a fly ball, or a kiss from a ball player.

Groupies to Jared were trivial, until he locks eyes with Penny, the slightly over-weight, obnoxious girl he can’t seem to get rid of. He keeps company with her only to pass his time until one night changes everything.

Love & Loss

By Savannah Kole

Under Development