The Butterfly

When Vanessa Baker asks some random guy for his watch at a bar during a dare, she had no idea what the consequences might be. On her first day at a new job she bumps into the CEO intending on accepting her punishment.

Jackson Farrell didn’t know what hit him! Out of the blue some unknown female asks him for his fifty-thousand dollar watch? And he just hands it over? Little does she know she’s exactly his type!

Find out what happens when an alpha male meets his sexual muse.

An Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

Pop Fly Kiss

Cocky, Jared Somner was just about to be called up to the majors. Playing for the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A ball team for the St. Louis Cardinals, Jared had no desire to have a girlfriend. Baseball was his life until he meets a tenacious groupie.

Penny Lawton was obsessed with the Redbirds. Her and her girlfriends would attend all the games hoping to catch a fly ball, or a kiss from a ball player.

Groupies to Jared were trivial, until he locks eyes with Penny, the slightly over-weight, obnoxious girl he can’t seem to stop thinking of. He’s about to write her off for good until one night changes everything.

Cougar at Play

Laticia Jackson was a top-selling real estate agent from Beverly Hills. Selling million dollar homes to celebrities and professional athletes was no problem for her, maintaining a private life, was. In her forties, never married, her career and making money was her passion, until she comes across a twenty-something, cocky courier who likes to drops off his packages late at night.

Seducing Conrad Merrick was easy, he was always up for a hook-up, until he sets eyes on the lovely Ms. Jackson. He has to have her, but do passionate-filled nightly romps melt in the light of day?

A BWWM Romance by hot, new author, Dylan Roxi

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