Sing Me a Song

By Savannah Kole

When Carson Avery stumbles upon the whereabouts of Tiffany Sales, the recluse lead singer of a forgotten girl group—he had to interview her.

Tanya Sommers—aka, Tiffany Sales—had changed her name years back, how did this nerdish white male reporter—from that online global music blog, Lightening Bolt—find her? She had been hiding out for the past fifteen years - why does he want an interview now?

After their meeting and the interview is over, Carson not only finds a great story for his blog, but he’s found his soul mate.

Kenyan Sunset

By ZT Oser

Brian Chebet and Monika Otieno met at work. The Orient Group was a technological conglomerate, the biggest in East and Central Africa. They were young, auspicious and industrious individuals—together, they were impulsive and led by their emotions.What happens to Brian when he makes the wrong decision? And to Monika, when she hears the news of his recklessness that will inevitably tear them apart?

Sweet Treats

By Raelynn Faith

A Sweet Romance

Sophie never regretted running the family business, a bakery shop in the little town of West Chester. No regrets, until her favorite five-year-old customer introduces her to his handsome uncle - who just happens to be single - and, who happens to be involved with the Irish Mob? Oh no…Find out what happens to Sophie when she falls for Camden, the most dangerous customer of all.


By Savannah Kole

When Becca Jones has a flat tire, she receives help from none other than her obnoxious white neighbor. He’s charming, he’s handsome, but Becca doesn’t take the bait.

Aiden Holmsted is a millionaire tech wizard who has a crush on the dark beauty. But she’s standoffish, mysterious and doesn’t accept his help right away.  Unforeseen coincidences continually push them together until sparks fly and the mystery, clears.

Find humor and love with Becca and Aiden in this Black Woman White Man Romance!


By Savannah Kole

Dr. Dexter Brody was a very successful dentist and was somewhat of a ladies man. Owning one of the most thriving dental clinics in NYC, he wasn't short on female attention. But all the women he met lately were dull, boring and ordinary, until he meets Tia Michaels.

Tia the beautiful, black patient of his was unlike anyone he's ever met before, and she's even more captivating when his regular charms don't work so well on her.

Read what happens to Dexter and Tia in this HOT new Black Woman White Man Romance!