Pop Fly Kiss

Title: Pop Fly Kiss
Author: Savannah Kole
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: , ,
Release Date: 2020

By Savannah Kole

Cocky, Jared Sumner was just about to be called up to the majors. Playing for the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A ball team for the St. Louis Cardinals, Jared had no desire to have a girlfriend. Baseball was his life until he meets a tenacious groupie.

Penny Lawton was obsessed with the Redbirds. Her and her girlfriends would attend all the games hoping to catch a fly ball, or a kiss from a ball player.

Groupies to Jared were trivial, until he locks eyes with Penny, the slightly over-weight, obnoxious girl he can’t seem to get rid of. He keeps company with her only to pass his time until one night changes everything.

About the Author

Savannah Kole is a Best Selling Author of Romance and Contemporary Modern Fiction. Savannah has a wide range of writing interests and is currently living the incognito digital lifestyle. Savannah is publishing books for your personal enjoyment only, especially if you like: Black Women White Male Romance, Alpha Male Curvy Women Romance, and short story series.

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