Quit that endless searching for an editor. I now offer in-house editing, a precursor to my KDP Book Publishing!  The copyedit focuses mostly on accuracy and the mechanics of writing. We will make a strenuous effort to ensure your writing is smooth and comprehensive for the reader.

How to Calculate Your Word Count

WORD:  Click the Review tab on the ribbon. Click the Word Count button in the Proofing group. You can also click the word count in the status bar to open the Word Count dialog box. Here you can see not only the word count, but also a character count (both with and without spaces), a paragraph count, and a line count.

GOOGLE DOCS: Click “Tools” in the header menu and then select “Word Count” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+C keyboard shortcut on Windows PC or Command+Shift+C on Mac.

$0.003/per word

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We offer the following types of edits:


  • How does the overall narrative flow together?
  • What are the character motivations?
  • The development of each paragraph and narrative flow?
  • Is it too short or inadequate?
  • A meandering ramble leading to nowhere but in circles?


  • Is the grammar messy?
  • Any repetition?
  • Spelling mistakes?
  • Accurate punctuation?
  • Do the nouns, verbs, and adjectives conflict in your sentence?


  • In a proofread, we evaluate for any mistakes, errors, or inconsistencies before you decide to publish.


  1. Your Word or Google Doc (English only)
  2. Payment


Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion (could be sooner, depending on our queue of work in progress). We will reach out to you if we have any questions during the process. Either by phone, email, ZOOM or Google Meet screen share.


  • Word or Google Doc with editing suggestions (Track changes enabled)

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