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Thomas stood agape–the man was huge! A giant, burly, robust gorilla was what he was: Wool cap atop cropped reddish-brown hair, dim eyes with a mustache and beard a bit overgrown and in need of a trim, farmer’s suspenders holding up worn trousers over bulky mud boots. He petted Gwendolyn’s small hand within his enfold and stared at the black panther before him.

— Dare To Love

About the Author

I’ve been writing romance with a whole lot of heat lately.  I love to write fun, fast romance with witty leading ladies’ getting that gorgeous, sexy, yet lovable guy that doesn’t take months to finish.  Happily Ever After with a little bit of love angst in between.  Whether you yearn for Historical or Modern, I always have a novel for you!  Rejoice Romance Reader…

Having been an Indie Author for over thirteen years, I have full control over my writing career, including my book covers and website.  If you’re a frequent visitor, then you know I like to change the furniture around on my website! You’ve been warned 😉  I’ve just recently started using Mac Pages to write and format my eBooks and I design all my book covers from scratch using unique copyright free images.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

All books displayed on this site are published by my parent company, Ardent Artist Books.

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