The Escape Series

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Forty-something, divorced, teenage children and looking for an escape.  Do you fit right in?

Three humorous romps of uninhibited women who take a chance and dare to experiment.

Join Cassie, Rayna and Liz, three best friends as they enter the world of online dating, swiping right and friends with benefits.

Includes Crossover Characters, Erotic Romance, Adult Content

Contemporary Erotic Romance


What’s Next?

Novella One of The Dreamscape Series

Daisy Caulfield is an escort. She’s sensuous, blonde, beautiful and costs a whole lot of money. Every man wants her pouty mouth but she’s very selective to whom she services and shuts them out the moment the night is over.  She's a machine until she meets shy entrepreneur, Ryland Finn and breaks her only rule -- don’t fall in love with the customer.

In Progress ~ eBook only

Word Count

12,172 / 20,000

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AY50 Amazon
"I recommend this novel, for it's originality, mystery, and the romance, yes the innocent childhood romance, all grown up!"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Great read ~ Couldn't wait to see what happened next ! Crazy what one does for love"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Lovely ~ I have no words for this besides awesome beautiful lovely wonderful and incredible one of the best books I've read in a long time I'm glad i found it."

Random Book Quotes

“You can do this…what could be worse?” Celia wipes away further tears and walks over to her hotel window. Down below, she sees a man with a cane pretending to swing it like a baseball bat. He’s teaching a little boy how to hit a ball. “Striking out with a runner in scoring position…”

— A Sacrifice Play

About the Author

I’ve been writing romance that sparkles with a whole lot of heat lately.   What do I consider sparkly?  That tickle in your tummy and that smile on your face when reading an amusing book.  I love to write fun, fast romance with witty leading ladies’ getting that gorgeous, sexy, yet lovable guy that doesn’t take months to finish.  Happily Ever After with a little bit of love angst in between.  Whether you yearn for Regency or Modern, I always have a novel for you!  Rejoice Romance Reader…

Having been an Indie Author for over thirteen years, I have full control over my writing career, including my book covers and website.  If you’re a frequent visitor, then you know I like to change the furniture around on my website!  😉  I’ve just recently started using Vellum to write and format my eBooks and paperbacks, and I design all my book covers from scratch using unique copyright free images.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

All books displayed on this site are published by my parent company, Ardent Artist Books.

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