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Daisy always waited until the customer was dressed first to redress herself and watched him as he buckled up his belt and then button up his expensive collared shirt. Reaching over to grab his cuff links, she slowly walked over to assist him with the one arm he always had trouble with. Mr. Kincaid had been a regular for the past two years.

— Faded Dreams

About the Author

Ardent Artist Book Publishing

Hey, it’s Trish…

I’ve always loved romance, I am a romantic at heart and writing Happily Ever After makes me smile.  I wrote a few books back in 2008, then stopped completely because of writer’s block (yep, it does happen!) I’ve tried my hand at Contemporary Modern romance, and published a few Novellas in that genre, however, Historical Romance, especially Regency, is my passion and what I am most comfortable with writing.

Expect to see dozens–no hundreds!–of more Regency Novellas published by Ardent Artist Books.  Rejoice Romance Reader!

All books displayed on this site are published by my parent company, Ardent Artist Books.

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