2017 Already?!

Told ya I like to move the furniture around.  You’ve been warned…

So, what’s new?  Not much?  What’s new with me, you ask?  Lots of stuff.  Opened my official trusted eCommerce store ~ BabyRoos.com.  Launched my new line of handmade purses, awesomely called “Totally”.  They’re totally unique, totally hipster, totally convenient and totally affordable.  Great for Tweens or Millennial’s.  BabyRoos.com offers EXCLUSIVE diaper bags, purses and more not found on my Etsy site.  I accept all major credit cards in addition to PayPal securely on my site.  Check out BabyRoos.com today!

Temporarily closed Ardent Artist Books to the public.  Still publishing my own work via Ardent Artist Books; no longer offering eBook covers to the Indie Author (sorry).

Working on the editing process of “A Matchless Match”, Book II of The Hollinger Series.  I know, it’s been awhile, but hey, George R.R. Martin is taking his own sweet time (5 years!) with “The Winds of Winter”.  Also, in conjunction to “A Matchless Match”, “The Anzan Heir” is in progress and will probably be published a few months afterward.  Check out my new Progress Bar!  Yes, its totally awesome as well.

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New places to buy my books?!  In addition to Amazon and Barnes & Noble you can now purchase my books at the Book Depository, Goodreads & Books-A-Million.  If you happen to have an account, you’ll be able to enjoy my books at all their discounted rates.  Click on every book to find additional links!

Do you like Facebook?  Are you following me?  My Facebook page, “Books By Trish” now offers all my books for sale.  Special coupon codes can also be found here and nowhere else.  I sometimes offer discounts codes you can use at BabyRoos as well!

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