Diary of Regret

Was it Love?  Or was it just a Fling?

Whatever it was, Leila Murray needs the cure.  Leila needs to heal.  She needs to get him out of heart for good. Forever.  It will happen, she knows it will…its just going to take some time.  She wants to think of him as just a fond memory, someone that she used to love; she no longer wants to whimper at the first sight of him, or be nervous when around him.  Leila wants to be released from all the pain and wants to smile and think, yes, they’re friends again; no longer the two individuals who got caught up in something that was out of control — and just happened — and now has disappeared.  Now, she is just someone from his past, someone that he used to think about a lot…someone that he used to flirt with heavily…

Modern Day Romantic Fiction

Title: Diary of Regret
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Release Date: 2012
Genre: , ,
Pages: 469
ISBN: 978-0982579718

Formats: Kindle, NOOK, 6x9 Paperback