Swept Away

Cassie Monerrez just turned forty-five.  She was a single mother, divorced and working an unexciting job as a high school office assistant.  After registering for an online dating app, Cassie officially enters the Friends With Benefits world among a string of bad dates, midnight romps with her ex and lonely weekends.  Cassie almost gives up on men all together when she meets her match in the afternoon janitor, Wyatt Zander.

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Title: Swept Away
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Series: The Escape Series #1
Release Date: 2018
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 156
ISBN: 978-1731101440

Formats:  Kindle eBook Novella & Paperback

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“I have to tell you something,” Cassie said in a soft voice.

She was meeting Rayna for coffee at Starbucks.  It was Saturday, and of course, Liz was working, but the other two friends had some time off to relax.

“What?” Rayna asked, sipping her skinny vanilla latte.

“Well,” Cassie sighed, thinking of how to open the conversation.

Rayna leaned into her friend.  “You met someone.”

Cassie smiled.  Was it that obvious?  “Sort of beyond having met him.”

Rayna cocked her head, “What does that mean?”

Cassie played around with the straw on her white chocolate mocha frap.   “It means,” she said, lowering her voice.  “Is that we slept together.”

Rayna raised her eyebrows, “What?”

“Had sex,” Cassie said, sipping her frap.

“So,” Rayna relayed, “You have a lot sex lately.”

“But,” Cassie cut her off.  “I’ve never had sex … on a desk … at the office.”

Rayna nearly choked on the coffee in her mouth.  “What?!” She cried out loud, bringing attention towards the two sitting in the corner.

Cassie gazed around them and at all the eyes suddenly on her and her friend.  “Shhh,” she said, trying to quiet her down.  “I don’t want complete strangers knowing I had sex at the office.”

Rayna started to laugh.  “You’ve got to tell me.  Did you tell Liz already?”

“No,” Cassie admitted, “You’re the first.  I can tell her later, or tonight when she’s off work.”

“Ya, keep her hanging, so what happened?”

Cassie regarded her good friend.  There was no one else on earth that she felt this comfortable with.  “I met him at work.”

“Oh, so he’s a teacher?”


“The principal?”


“Please don’t tell me he’s a student.”

“Good God, no!” Cassie said, taking a deep sip of her cold drink.


“He’s a janitor.”

Rayna sort of half-smiled.  “A janitor?  What, like cleaning the classrooms and bathrooms and shit?”

Cassie nodded her head.

Rayna stayed quiet for a second.  Kind of an odd mix.  She went from Dr. Love to Mr. Swept Away?  “So, how in the heck did you happen to have sex with the janitor?”

Cassie laughed at that.  You must admit saying it out loud was kind of ridiculous.  “Oh Ray, you have to see him to understand.”

“OK, so he’s cute then?”

“Not so much as cute, he’s sexy as heck,” Cassie admitted out loud.  “He’s got a wonderful smile, muscular and trim, long wavy hair that he ties back in a ponytail--kind of a biker type--and, oh man, he’s so attractive, I had to have him.”

“Oh boy,” Rayna said, taking another sip of her coffee.  “So, it was physical attraction.”

“On steroids.”

“Wow, you’ve got it bad.”

Cassie hushed down and leaned into her friend.  “We had sex on my desk.”

“Oh my God,” Rayna said, disbelieving her friend.  “In the middle of the day?!”

Cassie rolled her eyes again.  Rayna had brought attention back to the twosome.  All eyes looked up and stared their way.  “Shush, will you?”

“Oh sorry, but--”

“But no,” Cassie hushed down again.  “It was after hours.  I was working overtime and he was on his rounds after school and that’s when I heard a ruckus in the hallway and ran to help him.”

Rayna started to laugh, “A ruckus?”

“Ya,” Cassie admitted, “His mop handle broke or maybe it was the bucket, I don’t remember...but that’s how I met him.”

“Sounds romantic.”

Cassie smirked, “I know, I get it.  He’s just someone I think I would have never met if it wasn’t for that incident.”

Rayna shook her head, “What’s his name?”


Rayna blinked back her acceptance, “Nice.  So, are you seeing each other now?”

Cassie shook her head ‘No’.


“Because, after we had sex, he sort of just took off and disappeared on me,” Cassie confessed, twirling the ice around in her cup.

“He took off?” Rayna said, shocked.

“Ya,” Cassie said, feeling a little sad.

“So, he used you.”

Cassie regarded her friend again.  “Basically.”

“That sucks,” Rayna proclaimed.

Cassie agreed, “It does suck.  But get this…”

Rayna’s eyes grew wide, “What?  He has a magic dick?”

Cassie smiled, “Beside that,” she quipped.  “A Bachelor’s degree.”

Rayna cocked her head, “What?”

“Ya,” Cassie declared.  “I kinda borrowed his employee file to find out more about him and inside was a resume.  He graduated from Cal State and has a Marketing degree!”

Rayna could not believe it.  “Wow,” she said, gazing around the room and at all the patrons. “So, what’s he doing cleaning toilets?”