About Trish

The very first book I remember being thrilled about was “Forever” by Judy Blume.  I actually read the book after reading “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret?” and, at the age of 12, I fell in love with the lifelike characters that seemed so familiar and believable that the book inspired me to write my very first short story, which I titled “The Secret Love for My Brother” (I also received an A+ for the narrative). Over the years, after reading novels like “Class Reunion“, “The Promise” and “Hazards of Hearts“, I figured out early what kept me fascinated and knew then that I wanted to write romantic characters anchored in dramatic story lines.  “Surrender, the Pink” and “A Loving Scoundrel” only solidified what my niche in life would be and that was to create drama/comedy or “dramedy” (the lingo that the pro’s use) or drama that sparkles (the lingo that Trisha uses…)

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