Broken Obsession – Part Two


What are the end results of an obsession?

Amber and Eduardo Sanchez are about to find out.

The sequel to Unsuitable Obsession, Broken Obsession begins with Amber and Eduardo managing being a legitimate couple.   But a tiger does not always change its “spots” and Amber begins to see signs that her husband may be cheating on her as well.  She chooses to drink to help cope with her persistent women’s intuition and their marriage is tested with an irreversible act that is undoubtedly the repercussion of their manic obsession.

Modern Day Romantic Fiction ~ Best Seller!



Title: Broken Obsession ~ Part Two
Series: The Obsession Series
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Chic Lit
Pages: 212
ISBN13: 978-0982579701

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