The Anzan Heir

Who will rule the Kingdom of Anza?

In the Kingdom of Anza, two sovereigns have been split apart by combating over the same land.  The first to produce a male heir will have supreme reign and rule the realm. In the year 250 A.D., there are no laws stating an heir must come from a wedded state, but Rulers are to choose wisely for they are only allowed to marry once.

Two brothers, one Ruler, a surrogate and a Queen.  There is a rush for power or the one hundred year old succession will end.  Who will produce the first male heir for the Kingdom of Anza?

A Medieval Romance

Releasing February 2019!

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AY50 Amazon
"I recommend this novel, for it's originality, mystery, and the romance, yes the innocent childhood romance, all grown up!"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Great read ~ Couldn't wait to see what happened next ! Crazy what one does for love"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Lovely ~ I have no words for this besides awesome beautiful lovely wonderful and incredible one of the best books I've read in a long time I'm glad i found it."

Random Book Quotes

“Why did he always say such things? His flattery, those words…What gave him the right to freely make advances towards her? Why did he feel that he could perpetually be so complimentary? They hurt, she thought as she swallowed the torment. They bruised her heart for they could never be…properly pursued.”

— A Matchless Match

About the Author

I’ve been writing romance that sparkles with a whole lot of heat lately.   What do I consider sparkly?  That tickle in your tummy and that smile on your face when reading an amusing book.  I love to write fun, fast romance with witty leading ladies’ getting that gorgeous, sexy, yet lovable guy that doesn’t take months to finish.  Happily Ever After with a little bit of love angst in between.  Whether you yearn for Historical or Modern, I always have a novel for you!  Rejoice Romance Reader…

Having been an Indie Author for over ten years, I have full control over my writing career, including my book covers and website.  I use Microsoft Word to write my novels and Kindle Create to publish my eBooks.  I design all my book covers from scratch using BookCoverly and use unique copyright free images.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me!