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AY50 Amazon
"I recommend this novel, for it's originality, mystery, and the romance, yes the innocent childhood romance, all grown up!"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Great read ~ Couldn't wait to see what happened next ! Crazy what one does for love"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Lovely ~ I have no words for this besides awesome beautiful lovely wonderful and incredible one of the best books I've read in a long time I'm glad i found it."

Random Book Quotes

“She couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving Day, she knew he’d be there. Made sure she spoke to Leticia two nights before and asked her what she was bringing to the holiday. She didn’t dare or ask to speak to Eduardo, the anticipation enough would send him running. Oh, she knew it was sneaky, downright naughty, but she didn’t care, the volcano was about to erupt.”

— Unsuitable Obsession