So Much To Lose


With so much to Gain ~ There was so much to Lose

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With so much to gain, there was so much to lose…At age 29, Tarin Howard-Picardo was at her peak in attraction and fitness; she already married the man of her dreams, gave birth to a daughter and owned a luxurious home — but was it enough?  Deciding to go back to college to get her degree, she meets good friends Rae and Ceeci and the three girls sign up for Foreign Culture which takes them on an adventure to the islands of Hawaii.  Once there, Tarin liberates all her inhibitions and discovers not only the inviting Polynesian culture and fun in the sun in Waikiki, but Tarin finds trouble in Michael Capelli, age 19.

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Title: So Much To Lose ~ A Novella
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Chic Lit, Free!
Pages: 70
ISBN: 978-0557094776