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AY50 Amazon
"I recommend this novel, for it's originality, mystery, and the romance, yes the innocent childhood romance, all grown up!"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Great read ~ Couldn't wait to see what happened next ! Crazy what one does for love"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble
"Lovely ~ I have no words for this besides awesome beautiful lovely wonderful and incredible one of the best books I've read in a long time I'm glad i found it."

Random Book Quotes

“He was also glad to hear that Gwendolyn had a sense of humor. He rather liked women with senses of humor and recalled when she was younger, she never did. She was a serious little girl back then. Full of vinegar when he tried to speak to her. She always seemed to harbor a secret or two and he always wondered what could be so troubling to such a young girl.”

— Arrogance & Conceit