New Regency Novella!

Fate has joined them together, will revenge or love be next?

Miss Charlotte Elkins was the mistress of the Marquess of Harcourt. She had been exclusively his for the past several years. She would have stood by him forever if he hadn’t taken a wife without warning. On one starry night, Charlotte sees the Marquess with his wife and is so distraught, runs into the arms of a man with a dangerous past.

Mr. Silas St. Clair is a scandalous rogue. Many ladies had fallen into his trap. Seeing his favorite suddenly wed sends him into a tailspin and into the arms of his competitors mistress.

Read One Starry Night, a Standalone Regency Novella!

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Toot toot…

I don’t usually like to toot my own horn, but writing full time does come with a few perks — two historical novellas in one month is sort of a small accomplishment … do you not think?

The Cook’s Daughter – the second novella in the Service Daughter’s Series is available now!

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Rejoice Romance Reader!


The Steward’s Daughter

Just Launched!

My first Novella in the Service Daughter’s Series – Historical Romance – dashing men, funny ladies that won’t take a week to finish.  Meet Miss Louisa Hadley . . . the only daughter to Mr. Ralph Hadley, Land Steward to the Earl of Monbossom.  All Louisa wanted to do was be useful.  Find out what happens to Louisa after she accidentally breaks her foot and is forced to stay at the estate.  How is she treated by her friends in service?  And what happens to her when she suddenly bumps into the Earl?

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