The Steward’s Daughter

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My first Novella in the Service Daughter’s Series – Historical Romance – dashing men, funny ladies that won’t take a week to finish.  Meet Miss Louisa Hadley . . . the only daughter to Mr. Ralph Hadley, Land Steward to the Earl of Monbossom.  All Louisa wanted to do was be useful.  Find out what happens to Louisa after she accidentally breaks her foot and is forced to stay at the estate.  How is she treated by her friends in service?  And what happens to her when she suddenly bumps into the Earl?

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The Domain King

Can’t wait to find out what happens with “Mister Aviator Glasses”?  Find out with Liz and pre-order your book today!

Official release > May 25, 2019

Novella Three of The Escape Series

Novella Two

Novella Two

Book two, my novella two of The Escape Series called “Fire & Rescue” has just been published!  What happens to Rayna after her kitchen catches fire?  Find out what and who rescues her in my second installment, available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

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Next up, the continuation, The Domain King.