The Steward’s Daughter

Just Launched!

My first Novella in the Service Daughter’s Series – Historical Romance – dashing men, funny ladies that won’t take a week to finish.  Meet Miss Louisa Hadley . . . the only daughter to Mr. Ralph Hadley, Land Steward to the Earl of Monbossom.  All Louisa wanted to do was be useful.  Find out what happens to Louisa after she accidentally breaks her foot and is forced to stay at the estate.  How is she treated by her friends in service?  And what happens to her when she suddenly bumps into the Earl?

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Happy Mother’s Day

What better day to be pampered?  What better day to take some time for yourself and read a spicy romance book?  How about one of mine?  Your lucky day … The Domain King AND Faded Dreams have been launched!  The Domain King is part 3 of The Escape Series – what happens to Liz with Mister Aviator Glasses?  Find out now!  And Faded Dreams, a quick novella with just enough spice, part one of The Dreamscape Series – both available now!

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Medieval Love Story

Medieval Love Story

Just Launched!

Good Morning!  Is it cold where you are?  Is it raining and miserable?  Stuck inside with nothing to do?  Why not read an historical love story?  Why not read one of mine?  I’m so excited to announce that I have completed my 10th novel, The Anzan Heir!  The eBook has just been launched and available at the following online stores:  Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Playster, Scribd, Tolino, 24 Symbols & Thalia.

Here’s the direct link to my new book, <<The Anzan Heir>>

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Oh, like to curl up by the fireplace with a paperback?  (Me too…) $9.99 Paperback sold on Amazon!