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I’m looking for a few guest bloggers to post to my Update feed.  Let’s collaborate ~ inquire within!

Please provide your full name, a pen name (if applicable) and your website (if you have one).  Not a paid gig ~ just friendship and maybe a few new followers!

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Site Updates!

If you’re a frequent visitor then you know I love to change my site around a lot!  I like fresh new things and I’m constantly trolling the net to find out what works.  I’ve added a few things if you haven’t been here lately, Book Reviews and all my Book Trailers.  If you’ve already read one of my books, feel free to write something short about the read.  I welcome all feedback!  Submit Anonymously or leave Your Name 🙂

I’ve also uploaded all my book trailers.  If you haven’t had the time to venture off to YouTube, now you can view all my videos right from my site!  Enjoy…

Lastly, I’ve included my popular “It’s a Mystery” page for regular viewing.  Each month I will be uploading a new “mystery” chapter from one of my books ~ could be an already published book OR yet to be published.  Check back often!

Have a great weekend Romance Readers!


World Cup?

Are you a soccer fan?  I am and I love watching the World Cup.  But, if you’re not and you’re unable to pull the “fam” away from the big screen TV, why not curl up with a good book?  How about one of mine?

If you like hot & steamy, choose The Obsession Series

If you like historical drama that sparkles, choose The Hollinger Series

If you like a quick read, choose Magnet & Steele

If you like to dig in and read a good, long sentimental journal, choose Diary of Regret

If you like Free, choose So Much To Lose!

Coming your way real soon ~ the third book in The Hollinger Series called “Arrogance & Conceit” and a modern day sports drama, penned “A Sacrifice Play“.  Stay tuned and check back often…

Enjoy your weekend Romance Readers!