Did You Know?

The Regency in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was a period when King George III was deemed unfit to rule due to his illness, and his son ruled as his proxy, as prince regent. Upon George III's death in 1820, the prince regent became King George IV. The term Regency Era can refer to various stretches of time; some are longer than the decade of the formal Regency which lasted from 1811 to 1820.

I like to reupholster the furniture

…and I like to do it a lot.  Sometimes when I’m in a mood, I like to move things around.  This month, I’m focusing all my energy on writing.  So, I’m happy to announce that “A Matchless Match” is available for purchase in paperback, Nook at Barnes & Noble and a Kindle version on Amazon.  Moving forward, I will no longer be posting eBooks on Smashwords.

Happy reading Romance lovers and have an awesome weekend!