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Happy Mother’s Day

What better day to be pampered?  What better day to take some time for yourself and read a spicy romance book?  How about one of mine?  Your lucky day … The Domain King AND Faded Dreams have been launched!  The Domain King is part 3 of The Escape Series – what happens to Liz with Mister Aviator Glasses?  Find out now!  And Faded Dreams, a quick novella with just enough spice, part one of The Dreamscape Series – both available now!

Purchase here (ePub) or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.  Rejoice Romance Reader!

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The Domain King

Can’t wait to find out what happens with “Mister Aviator Glasses”?  Find out with Liz and pre-order your book today!

Official release > May 25, 2019

Novella Three of The Escape Series

Novella Two

Book two, my novella two of The Escape Series called “Fire & Rescue” has just been published!  What happens to Rayna after her kitchen catches fire?  Find out what and who rescues her in my second installment, available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

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Next up, the continuation, The Domain King.