World Cup?

Are you a soccer fan?  I am and I love watching the World Cup.  But, if you’re not and you’re unable to pull the “fam” away from the big screen TV, why not curl up with a good book?  How about one of mine?

If you like hot & steamy, choose The Obsession Series

If you like historical drama that sparkles, choose The Hollinger Series

If you like a quick read, choose Magnet & Steele

If you like to dig in and read a good, long sentimental journal, choose Diary of Regret

If you like Free, choose So Much To Lose!

Coming your way real soon ~ the third book in The Hollinger Series called “Arrogance & Conceit” and a modern day sports drama, penned “A Sacrifice Play“.  Stay tuned and check back often…

Enjoy your weekend Romance Readers!