Got Service?

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? Did you find the lives of service more interesting than privilege? Read the “Service Daughter Series” today and get to know Louisa, Caroline and Hannah, three daughters born into service. Set in the Regency era and the other side of accomplishment. The Steward’s Daughter The Cook’s Daughter The… Continue reading Got Service?

Cabin Fever?

Are you among the millions of people who have cabin fever? Twiddling your thumbs, trying to find things to do? Why not read a book? Find a cozy spot outside, by the pool, a chair under a tree, a corner of your house and read romance? Suggestive reading: Unsuitable Obsession, Dare To Love, the Service… Continue reading Cabin Fever?

Bad Boy

Why do us girls always love the bad boy? I’ve been watching “Peaky Blinders” and boy that Tommy Shelby sure has women falling all over him! He’s a murder, and a soulless creature – what is so appealing about him? In “Unsuitable Obsession” Eduardo Sanchez is as bad as they come, in “Dare To Love”… Continue reading Bad Boy