Ah, Bridgerton…

Have you seen it yet? I watched it…twice. It’s a Netflix series and its absolutely wonderful. Julia Quinn is a wonderful author, and kudos to her, with mixing light-heartedness with drama – and don’t forget that handsome Duke! You know who else has written light-heartedness with drama? Well, me of course! I’ve been writing historical… Continue reading Ah, Bridgerton…

2021 ~ Happy New Year!

Crossing my fingers it will be Happy! We, as a human race certainly have been tested in 2020 – looking forward to when we can celebrate our favorite sports teams, our children go back to class, we can hug our friends without a mask and sit down inside a restaurant. Remember those days? 2021 for… Continue reading 2021 ~ Happy New Year!

Hey You!

If you’re a frequent visitor, you know that I like to change things around. I’ve recently updated my website to incorporate my publishing company’s (Ardent Artist Books) books as well – now you can enjoy all books romantic! Visit my Book Store today!

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