Title: One Starry Night
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-1073720743
Pages: 163

Fate has joined them together, will revenge or love be next?

Miss Charlotte Elkins was the mistress of the Marquess of Harcourt. She had been exclusively his for the past several years. She would have stood by him forever if he hadn’t taken a wife without warning. On one starry night, Charlotte sees the Marquess with his wife and is so distraught, runs into the arms of a man with a dangerous past.

Mr. Silas St. Clair was a scandalous rogue. Many ladies had fallen into his trap. Seeing his favorite suddenly wed sends him into a tailspin and into the arms of his competitors' mistress.

Read One Starry Night, a Standalone Regency Novella!

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