The Marquess Made For Me

The illustrious Giordano family commands respect in the vibrant tapestry of New York in 1870, where old-world charm meets the burgeoning threads of American ambition. Our heroine, Victoria Giordano, the graceful jewel in her family’s crown, has come of age in this bustling melting pot. Born to industrious Italian immigrants who spun gold from the textile trade, the Giordanos now find their coffers full and their heritage ripe for perpetuation through a suitable matrimonial alliance for their beloved daughter.

Vito Giordano determined that no New York Italian would prove equal to his exacting standards for Victoria, casting his discerning gaze across the ocean. In his pursuit, he skips over the rolling hills of Italy and settles his sights on the grandeur of England, where he discovers a Marquess no less, eager for an alliance with an American ingénue.

Enter the Marquess of Wynehill, a man whose flair for fashion is as renowned as his dwindling fortunes are whispered. His once abundant purses are now lamentably barren, so the Marquess can no longer allure the English blooms of nobility. Yet, his appetite for extravagance undimmed, he longs for an elegant match and hence turns his desperate gaze westward – not to France as one might expect, but across the broad Atlantic to the land of opportunity, America!

Their story, as rich as the garments they treasure and as intricate as the patterns their lives have followed, is spun with the threads of destiny, patterns of desire, and the irrefutable weft of romance. Will the love between Victoria Giordano and the Marquess of Wynehill be a masterfully tailored fit, or will it be an ill-stitched romance destined to come apart at the seams?

Book 3 in The Dollar Princess Series

A Sweet Historical Romance

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Version: v1.1
Published: February 18, 2024