A Matchless Match

Title: A Matchless Match
Series: Hollinger #2
Author: Trisha Fuentes
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Release Date: 2018
Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-0982579732
Retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play

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Lady Mary Hollinger is Ready for Marriage

Lord Harland Harper is the wealthy heir to the Earl of Thanet’s shipping trade; it would be a match made in Heaven, according to her father, but Mary must first get passed his arrogance. Lord Lucas Wrentmore is the same age as Mary, they have similar interests, they’re even childhood friends ~ but she has her doubts as well. Then there is the perfect choice, the Duke of Somerset from the House of Seymour who threw in his hand at the very last moment ~ My, oh my, what is a debutante to do? Mary yearns for the love and passion her parents display daily ~ but which one of those young suitors will fulfill all her dreams? The shipping heir, the childhood friend or the handsome Seymour pedigree?

You might think you know the ending…but think again.

About the Author

Hey There! It's me again. Some more about me - I love cocker spaniels - well, all puppies in general - the ocean tide, a snow-capped mountain or Medieval English Castle. I love it when the girl gets the guy in the end, and all stuff mushy. Rejoice Romance Reader!

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