Title: A Taste of Fire
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: Coming Soon, Modern
Release Date: 2024

Second chances sizzle hotter than fresh chiles in this scorching romance!

Ten years ago, Gabriela "Gabi" Hernandez and Daniel Reyes were high school sweethearts with a future as bright as their fiery passion. But a misunderstanding tore them apart. Now, fate throws them back together in the sizzling kitchens of their family's restaurants.

As memories reignite and feelings resurface, can Gabi and Daniel learn to trust each other again? Can their love withstand the heat, or will it burn out once more?

Discover if their Sabor a Fuego (taste of fire) still burns bright in this unforgettable second-chance romance!

Book 2 in the Latin Ladies Series

Trisha Fuentes, writing under the Pen Name "Mia Munoz"

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