Title: A Dance of Deception
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: Coming Soon, Historical
Release Date: 2024

In the elegant ballrooms and salons of Regency England, Lady Genevieve Sinclair, a spirited and independent young woman, finds herself entangled in a web of societal expectations and familial duty. Yearning for a love that transcends the confines of her world, she discovers herself caught between the charming and enigmatic Viscount Alexander Hartfield and the charismatic and mysterious Marquess of Ravenswood.

Viscount Hartfield, known for his dashing charm and captivating smile, embodies the grace and wit that society adores. But beneath his polished exterior lies a man burdened by secrets and a past that threatens to unravel his carefully constructed facade.

On the other hand, the Marquess Ravenswood is a brooding and misunderstood nobleman shunned by society due to scandalous rumors. However, his smoldering intensity and unwavering loyalty draw Genevieve closer, unveiling a tender side that few have ever witnessed.

The real wolf reveals himself when the two men learn of her secret inheritance.

Genevieve must navigate the treacherous waters of society's expectations while uncovering the truth about both men who hold her heart captive in a world where reputation and propriety reign. She must choose between the allure of societal acceptance or following her heart's true desires.

The Thunderbolt Series - Book 2

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