Title: The Surprise Heir
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: Historical, Regency
Release Date: 2024
ISBN: 979-8877922310

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In the charming era of Regency England, a tale of unexpected love and enduring destinies unfolds. Edmund Gallagher, a distant relative to the prestigious Lord of Langston Hall, lives a modest life far removed from the grandeur of his noble kin. His childhood memories of Langston Hall are few, but one delightful memory of climbing a treehouse with the young lord, Rupert Hargrove, continues to warm his heart through the years.

Now, decades later, Rupert, hailed as the dashing heir to Langston Hall, is poised to marry the impeccable Miss Abigail Stronghold, securing his personal happiness and a prosperous future for the estate. However, just as wedding bells are to ring, an unforeseen tragedy befalls Rupert, turning Langston Hall upside down.

Equally entrapped by societal expectations and her burgeoning feelings, Miss Stronghold also finds herself at a crossroads. With the stability of Langston Hall and the future of its inhabitants uncertain, will Edmund and Abigail confront the dictates of their class and follow their hearts, or will they forsake personal happiness for the sake of tradition and duty?

This Regency romance weaves a compelling story of love, loss, and the choices that define us.

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