Title: Win the Heart of a Duchess
Published by: Ardent Artist Books
Genre: Coming Soon, Historical, Regency
Release Date: 2024

Juliet, the Duchess of Wrotham, a captivating widow trapped in a gilded cage, yearns for a life filled with laughter and the promise of a child. But the relentless whispers of time mock her dreams. Then, a chance encounter with the enigmatic Duke of Ashbourne awakens a forbidden desire. As notorious as he is handsome, Ashbourne carries the weight of a scandal that ostracizes him from society. Yet, beneath his brooding exterior lies a wounded soul yearning for connection.

Drawn together by a powerful yearning, Juliet and Ashbourne embark on a passionate affair, their love a defiance of societal expectations. But the whispers of Ashbourne's past refuse to remain silent. As Juliet delves deeper, can she see beyond the rumors and trust the man behind them? Will their love withstand the relentless scrutiny of the ton, or will the truth of his bygone transgressions shatter their fragile bond?

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